Apple iPhone 6s Pros and Cons

By | September 11, 2015

Apple officially released the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus in a live event organized by it on 9 September 2015. In the event organized by the company, Apple watch, Apple iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and Apple TV were launched. The company has come up with so many amazing features. However, there are certain drawbacks of the phone too. If you are interested in buying these latest models, you must know about the pros and cons of it as these phones cost a fortune. Some of these are listed as follows that might help you make up your decision.


Apple iPhone 6s Pros:

The phone has a number of advantages attached to it. Some of these are as follows:

  • The feature of 3D touch: It is a feature that has never been introduced in the phones by Apple or any other company. It functions in a quite simple way. It detects the pressure that the user applies on to it in order to open up new commands. Apple has installed a new hardware in the phone that would do the task. So, it becomes completely impossible for the other iPhones too to avail the benefit of this feature.
  • Improved Camera: the camera in the iPhone 6s has improved a lot. The sensor size in both the front as well as the back camera has improved a lot. Now, you will be able to get the better quality images. We can easily say that it has the best phone camera available in the market.
  • Improvement in Performance: it is evident from the fact that Apple has used iOS 9 in iPhone 6s. If you buy this phone, you will never see it lagging in operations. Apple has increased the GPU by 90% and CPU by 70%.

Apple iPhone 6s Cons:

Apart from the benefits, it also has so many disadvantages as listed below:

  • Flaws in Design: There are certain flaws in its designs. There is no doubt in saying that they look beautiful, however, there exists some impracticality in its design that has not been improved by Apple in these models. They prove to be hard to handle and is slippery in nature. Also, the iPhone 6s is heavier as compared to the previous versions of iPhone as well as its counterparts.
  • Battery Life: It is a feature that would not be liked by the users. There are absolutely no improvements in the battery life and the battery of iPhone 6s will continue to provide the talk time of 14 hours. People may find it irritating to charge the phone time and again.
  • No Quick Charging: The phone takes a long time to charge. When we talk about the rival handsets such as Samsung, they have provided the feature of wireless charging and faster charging. This is a fact that may prove to be bad for the company as people nowadays look for a phone that would have a longer battery life and would charge quickly.

Whatever the pros and cons are there for Apple iPhone 6S, this phone is going to be the hit this year. This phone available in locked iphone 6s with contract plans and iPhone 6s Unlocked for non-contracts.

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