Apple iPhone 6s vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

By | November 7, 2015

When thinking about doing the comparison between Apple iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you must know that you are comparing between two finest models available in the mobile market. They can be considered as two of the best mobile phones that are available in the market these days. In this article, we would try to compare between these two mobile handsets. Brace yourselves; the fight is going to be tough between them.


In the subsequent section, we would try to compare them as per various factors.

Body design:

The body of Apple iPhone 6s seems to be quite similar to that of Apple iPhone 6. It looks almost the same. However, the fact that differentiates is the material used and the color. Apple has come up with rose gold color that is both beautiful and unique. It is sure to get many customers. Stronger aluminium is used in the phone that ensures its sturdiness. On the other hand, talking about Galaxy Note 5, it has a metal and a glass case that looks far better than the previous model. You are also provided with Samsung S pen, which is a stylus pen used for doing a number of tasks. Keep in mind that in case you use the S pen in a way that it is not supposed to be, you will have to prepare yourselves for some serious damage to your priced possession.


Apple is a company that is renowned for providing the best image quality to the users. This company puts a focus on the quality of the image that is to be clicked, rather than increasing the useless megapixels. Nevertheless, it increased the camera MP from 8 MP to 12 MP just to provide the best experience to the users. The front camera is of 5 megapixels with dual flash.

If we talk about Samsung Galaxy note 5, it has a superb camera. You get 16 MP rear cameras with a number of features such as image stabilization, LED flash, etc. one of the best things about the phone is that it clicks great photographs even in the dim light. The front camera of the phone is of 5 megapixels. In the matter of camera, Apple takes the lead.

Software used and Battery:

Apple has employed the use of iOS 9 in the phone, which is a powerful processor. In addition, Siri voice recognition has also been improved in the phone. IOS 9 will prove to be useful in terms of both speed and strength. The major drawback of Apple iPhone 6s is that the battery life of the phone is not good. It might drain quickly and charge at a slow speed.

Talking about Note 5, it works on Android v.5.1.1 Lollipop, which can be upgraded up to v.6.1 Marshmallow whenever available. It uses a 3000 mAh battery that is fast in nature and provides a good talk time. In this, Samsung is on lead.

It is evident from the above points that both surpass each other to some levels. You may use your judgement log on to internet for detailed analysis of the comparison.

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