Apple May Unveil New iPhone On September 9

By | August 11, 2015

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most awaited device each year. There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the iPhone and the various features it offers. It is one of the first devices to truly revolutionize the mobile phone market, back when the phone’s were not actually “smart”. The device gave a meaning to the smartphones, which have now become a necessity in our lives.

Date of Release

Anybody who is an iPhone enthusiast knows that Apple announces its next set of flagship devices in September each year. This timeframe has been followed up for a while, and it is likely to continue this year as well. Reports are that the new Apple iPhone 6s will be announced by the company in the first week of September, most probably on the 9th of September. Reportedly, the company is also hosting a big event to do so, however, nothing is official yet. Apple may also be planning to release the next generation of iPad with this event, and the much-rumored Apple TV, which was supposed to release before, but has not seen light to the day yet.

Features of the new iPhone

The new iPhone will likely be called as the Apple iPhone 6s, observing how the last 2 iPhone were followed up by “S” versions of themselves. The phone we are talking about here is rumored to have a physical body very similar to the current iPhone 6, however, a number of hardware changes will be found onboard the device. People can expect to see the new force touch technology on the device, which will let the device to recognize between a normal tap, and press of a button. There are a number of benefits of this technology, which were listed when the technology was first released. We are also expecting to see a bigger and better camera. Expected is a 13 MP camera, along with a better sensor as rumors surfaced in favor of the new iPhone to be able to capture DSLR-like photos. The devices will come packed with the A9 processor, which will be faster than the A8 chipset. New LTE chip will also be introduced in the device, which will enhance the user experience.

Two Different iPhone’s

As last year, rather than releasing just one iPhone, Apple released two iPhones. The iPhone 6, which was more handy, and iPhone 6 Plus, which more of fitted the phablet category of phones. There was slight differences in the actual features of the two devices, however, the screen size of both the devices was astronomically different. This year as well, the company is expected to follow the same policy, which they adopted last year. Rather than releasing just one device, Apple will most likely be releasing two variants, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus. The screen size of both the devices are expected to remain the same, just like their predecessors, but we may still see some features differences in-between the two devices.

Being one of the better devices, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be offering a premium experience to the users.

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