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Google Pixel new flagship smartphone: Full Review

Google Pixel new flagship smartphone : Google, the American multinational tech company, and search engine giant revealed their new flagship smartphone Pixel, in October this year. The smartphone Google Pixel will be available in two versions pixel and pixel XL. Google pixel is a proper and perfect example of a high-end smartphone, and it also gives… Read More »

Next is Huawei Nexus, check out some rumored features of next nexus

When Google came out with the Nexus 6 last year, the only fact that was not like amongst the people was that it was of massive size that was quite inconvenient to handle. Now it has made the required changes and is completely back to basics with the phones that are compacted in size and… Read More »

BLU Studio XL Dual Review- Best and Worst Features

BLU Studio XL is also known as BLU L260L. It was announced in April 2014 and launched in the market in May 2014. It works on a GSM HSPA technology and supports Class 12 GPRS and Class 12 EDGE. Following are the details about the phone you must known before opting for the product: Body… Read More »

Blackberry Venic Would Be The First Blackberry Android Phone

It is needless to say that Android dominates most of the smartphone market all around the world. Android has been the most popular OS ever since its release and Google ensures that it remains at top with the continuous updates to it. Most of the phone manufacturers have already adopted the Android OS for a… Read More »

Google Ara Modular Smartphone, What You Need To Know About It

Google has always been creative with its idea of doing things, whether it be driver-less cars, or the aim to provide internet globally. While the firm has actually reduced the a subsidiary of a bigger firm, named Alphabet, none of the actual projects have stopped or halted. All the projects are now being worked under… Read More »

5 Best Android Phones Under $100

With the rise of smartphones in the recent years, it has become apparent that they have become an integral part of our lives. Smartphones help us in day-to-day tasks, and one can use it for anything whether it be for entertainment purpose or for business purpose. People have understood the necessity of these devices, and… Read More »

What happened when Blackberry launched An Android Phone

Blackberry is heading towards the gigantic ship of Android OS to save itself from drowning. Speculations are in the air that the company is collaborating with the mighty tech-giant Google to rev up the sales figure, by launching their smartphones installed with Android, backed by the raw power of Blackberry’s hardware. The rumours Insiders and… Read More »