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Samsung is Looking to Launch 18.4 inches Tablet

A rumor went into air a few weeks ago about Samsung. It was solely regarding the new tablet that the company is thinking about launching. When the rumor came into market, it took everyone to surprise because Samsung was thinking about launching an enormously sized tablet. The most shocking fact came as the one that… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Features, Price And Specification

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is likely to be released in late August or early September in 2015. The phone will serve as the successor to the previously released Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and it will feature a number of improvements from the original one. Features such as a curved display, and fingerprint sensor… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Review Features And Specification

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 The samsung galaxy tab s2 9.7 is a part of the series of galaxy S2 tablets. These tablets are preloaded with various solutions of Microsoft office. Now we are talking about the features of theproduct samsung galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Here are some basic details about this product. This tablet… Read More »

Features, Specifications And Reviews Of Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

About Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Samsung electronics co. Ltd. has globally launched the galaxy tab S2 8.0, which is a very stylishly designed tablet tilldate. The galaxy tab, which is perfectly optimized to read and can be used to view any digital content. The Galaxy Tab S2 8.0has been designed with very lightest and thinnest… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy A8 Features, Review And Specification

The Samsung Galaxy A8 will be released in the Q3 of 2015, and it will serve as the successor to the Galaxy A7, which was released last year. The Galaxy A8 will be the slimmest phone by Samsung, with a thickness of just 5.9mm, however, the thickness is non-uniform, and 5.9mm is the lowest point… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy V Plus Review

With the stream of new low-budget smartphones coming in the market, many of the companies have now started releasing low segment phones in order to appeal to a wide number of audience. Samsung, who was once at the top of the smartphone game has also realized this, and had started to produce low segment phones… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumored Features And Expected Release Date

It had not even been a month since the unveiling and release event of Samsung Note 4 that the Samsung Note 5 rumors began surfacing on the internet. The Note has been a constant successful series of phablets. The first Note was released in 2011, and ever since its release, all its successors have seen… Read More »