Google Ara Modular Smartphone, What You Need To Know About It

By | August 20, 2015

Google has always been creative with its idea of doing things, whether it be driver-less cars, or the aim to provide internet globally. While the firm has actually reduced the a subsidiary of a bigger firm, named Alphabet, none of the actual projects have stopped or halted. All the projects are now being worked under Alphabet, including the Project Ara.

google ara modular smartphone

Description about Project Ara

Project Ara is a great concept, which Google, now Alphabet, released way back in 2012. The concept was only an idea then, and we were not given any solid proof of the project until last year. The concept is basically to build your own customizable device, with the hardware you wish. This is achieved through inserting modules in the device. The module packs the necessary hardware to be used to run the phone, which means the modules can contain the camera, battery, 4G connectivity, more storage etc. These module can be inserted in the Ara smartphone, which has a metallic base, and joins the modules through magnets, so they do not fall of or slide away. The base plate of the device is divided into rectangular slots to make it easy for the modules to fit in.

Customizable Nature of Project Ara

The greatest thing about this idea is that people can customize their phone as they wish. They do not need to buy a whole new device to get a new hardware piece, all they need to get is a new module piece to replace the older one. Another advantage of the device is that whenever your phone’s one component is broken, you usually get a new phone because either its too costly to repair, or you will have to replace your whole device in order to get it working, but with Ara this will not be the case. You can just replace the broken/non-working module with a new one, and you are good to go. Moreover, you do not need to switch off the phone in order to swap in the modules. The phone can be working while you put in the module. For example, if you have not inserted the camera module into the device but your phone is on, you can just slide in the camera module, and the software will detect it, and you will be able to use it in less than 10 seconds. However, this does not mean that you can swap in some parts like the battery module, as without power supply the phone is bound to switch off.

Production of Modules

Google (Alphabet) previously announced that they have affiliated with various firms in order to develop more Modules for its user, and seemingly several modules pieces will be made available by the official release of the Ara device.

Project Ara Module Marketplace

With the release of Ara, Google (Alphabet) will also release what it calls the Project Ara module marketplace. Similar to the Google Play Store, the module marketplace will sell Batteries, speakers, cameras etc. rather than applications. It will work as an e-commerce portal between the module makers, and the consumers. The company fill further help the consumers and module makers with the payment process and verification of the modules.

The device was expected to release in Q4 of 2015, however, a recent tweet has suggested that it is delayed till 2016. Basic hardware of Project Ara is expected to cost pretty low.

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