How to Chat Secretly on FB Messenger using new “secret conversations”

By | October 5, 2016

How to Chat Secretly on FB Messenger using new “secret conversations”:  Facebook in July 2016 started testing end to end encryption for the messenger app and finally they got it done by the end of September 2016. They took approx 90 days to copy and apply the technique of Whats app(end-to-end-message) on Facebook messenger app.

The updated version of Facebook Messenger will have an end to end encryption for all messages. So, it means data shared over FB messenger will be entirely encrypted, and this will raise the standards of security for the users.

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In simple words, secret conversation or end to end encryption means everything shared on Facebook messenger for example chats, videos, photos, calls and everything can’t be read by anyone, even not by Facebook or any third party like cyber-criminal or hackers or government. It means they will follow device level encryption and no data or files will be stored on Facebook servers.Facebook says that they are using 256 Bit signal encryption Protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems.


This end to end to end encryption of Facebook is much more powerful and smart as compared to the Whats App. The user has the power to keep his/her message a secret by just tapping on secret toggle option.

  Steps to Chat Secretly on FB Messenger

(Android and iOS)

For Starting a Secret Conversation in Messenger app is quite simple.
For android Users:
Step 1:
Choose the contact with whom you want to start a secret conversation.
Step 2:
Tap on the “i” icon present at the top right corner.
Step 3:
Now tap on the “Secret Conversations.” and choose “turn on.”


For iOS Users:
Step 1:
Tap on new message option.
Step 2:
Choose the contact and tap on ” Secret” present on the top right corner.

The user can also decide for how much duration their secret message should be visible on the receivers device. If user or receiver switch the devices during a secret conversation, then the existing messages will not be transferred to the new device and they had resent the messages over the new devices, in case they want it back.

So finally please update your Facebook messenger app asap and start using this amazing technology and share your reviews with us in our comments section.

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