iPhone7: The Most Awaited Product

By | July 11, 2016

 The most famous phone prevailing in the market these days is the iPhone. Apple is the company which has designed this great phone, which almost everyone wishes to have. After the release of iPhone 6S, which arrived in the market the previous year, now people are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 7 to arrive.  It is expected that this model would most probably be released in the month of September this year.

We know that previous year both iPhone 6 and as well as 6 plus were released together.  So it is not clear that this year only iPhone 7 would be released or both of them together.  One another thing which has been heard is that may be this year it will ditch its numbering of the iPhone and it would be called iPhone Pro. The days are near, as this model would be out this winter. This phone would be larger than that of the previous models, making it more attractive. The camera quality would also be enhanced so that the pictures are much more shaper and clear than before.

iphone 7 pro

The Date of Release

When it comes to the predecessors of the Unlocked Apple iPhone 7, there has been a specific pattern which the Apple has followed while releasing out its models. But we should also not forget that some models were released totally unexpectedly. So, if we take a deep look at the pattern, we can make an assumption that somewhere near September, the new model would be out. The first model of iPhone was released in the year 2007, which made everyone fall in love with it.


There are as such no big details about the specifications of this model. But, we know that there would be totally new operating system in iPhone7. Now as far as screen is concerned, the screen would be slightly bigger than that of its siblings.  The primary camera of this device would be 13 megapixels and the other one, which is the secondary camera, would be 8 megapixels.


  1. Glass

There have been rumours that this iPhone7 would have Sapphire glass. The present iPhone is made up of Gorilla glass. This new glass would be very strong and one added feature to this is that it won’t break very easily. We can conclude that this glass would be a tough one for sure.

  1. Button

Till now the home screen button exists in the iPhone, but now rumours have been heard that there would be no button and the company would ditch the previous design and would have a new screen without any button, this increasing the size of the screen.

  1. Charging

Wireless charging is very convenient and people love it. So how can apple lag behind this feature? The new iPhone 7 would be charged wirelessly.

  1. Camera quality

Everyone loves the camera whose picture quality is crystal clear. Apple has worked upon this feature so that people get a phone with best picture quality. With its 13 megapixel primary camera, this phone would be able to take clear and better pictures.

There are many more updates which we have come across regarding this iPhone 7. This Unlocked cell phone would be the thinnest phone ever and this company would also make some other changes that is, it would ditch the socket present for headphones to make it much thinner. The capacity of its battery would be increased. Radio would be accessed easily as one need not but any sort of accessories for it. As earlier there was a 3.5 mm jack available in the iPhone 6, now we have come across many rumors that there won’t be any jack available. Only a few months have been left, and then everything regarding iPhone would be crystal clear.

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