LG G Pad 2 Expected Features

By | July 27, 2015

LG G Pad 2 Expected Features

LG G Pad 8.0 and G Pad X 8.3 are quite successful models in India as far as the tablets are considered. They are considerably preferred models in case a person is thinking about buying a tablet computer. The much-awaited version of LG’s G Pad tablet series, LG G Pad 2 is expected to be released in the month of October. All set for the release of this model, LG is prepared to take over the other tablets producing companies. The company has already invested so much money in the research and development projects for this model and now hoping about creating a mark in the market. Until date, LG has not done exceptionally well in the mobile market but with this model, it has high expectations.


Expected Date:

According to the reports, the tablet will be launched in the mid of October 2015. Most probably, the model will hit the markets on 15 October 2015. Though it will be easily available in the markets after that, you can book your tablet in advance too, if you want. It has come into news that the model will be available in both the online as well as the actual markets.

Expected Features:

Although the company has not yet declared the actual features that, the tablet will enclose. However, there are many speculations about what LG will come up with to ensure a steady place in the mobile and tablets markets. The LG G Pad 2 expected features are as follows:

  • Processor: Going with the rumors is said that the LG G Pad 2 will have a Snapdragon 805 chipset that will allow the tab to display the high-resolution pictures. In addition, the G Pad 2 will have an Adreno 420 GPU along with the Qualcomm’s Quad Core Processor. This combination is strong enough to support the 3D games and the HD displays.
  • Memory: The G Pad 2 will boast of a 3 GB RAM along with the 32 GB internal memory. In such a case of memory, it has developed far beyond the other tablets available in the market.
  • Display: It will have an IPS display with a screen of 8.2 inches. The cameras are of good quality to, the front one being of 5 megapixels and the rear one having 8 megapixels.
  • Operating System: the device will run on Android System. It will have the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop that can be updated when the new version hits the markets.
  • Price: The price of the LG G Pad 2 is still unknown but as per the expectations, it will be somewhat above Rs. 30,000.
  • Other Features: the tablet will also have a number of other great features. E.g., the camera will have night mode, panorama, auto focus, image stabilization, etc. The tablet will also have QPair, with the help of which, the user could make or receive the phone calls.

With these LG G Pad 2 expected features; we can say that it can prove to be a great choice compared to its counterparts. You can definitely keep it an option before settling upon a tablet.

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