Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Features and Specifications

By | September 18, 2015

All of us know that every Surface Pro gets better with the updated models. You may find Surface Pro 3 far better than surface pro 1. Now, Microsoft is all set to release the latest model, i.e., Surface Pro 4 that would have some of the amazing features that you cannot just avoid. Rumors are in the market that Microsoft is looking forward to launch the latest model in the month of October 2015. It is being said that it might support Intel Skylake processors that would enable it to give the unbeatable performance. Microsoft may also think about releasing its mini versions soon after the official launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4.


There are so many expectations and rumors surrounding Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It is as follows:

  • Size of the screen: Pro 4 is expected to be launched in two screen sizes. One size will be of 12 inches, whereas the other one will be of 13-14 inches in total. The dimensions given are as per the screen of the device. By doing this, Microsoft has managed to make itself a leading competitor of Apple iPad Pro. According to the sources, Surface pro 4 will be much light in weight and slim in size when compared to surface pro 3.
  • SSD: SSD or solid-state drive is to be used in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Going as per the rumors attached, it has placed an order with Samsung electronics of the SSDs of 256 GB. This feature, if true, can make it stand out of the existing market and create a distinct place for itself there. This order has been placed for the Surface pro tablets that would hit the markets in October.
  • Stylus: One such feature added in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is that it would be light in weight and thin in size when we compare it against Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Along with these two options, it would have a higher battery life and a much-boosted processor. The camera will be better and an improved quality stylus will be provided along with it for the convenience of the users.
  • Processors: It is being said in the market that the processor that it used earlier, i.e., Haswell dual core i5 and i7 will be swapped with the Broadwell chips. It could be responsible for giving the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 higher and much improved battery life. In addition, by the end of the year, Intel is expected to release the Skylake processors, which Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be quick to take the advantage of.
  • RAM: the RAM of the phone is likely to be increased by 8 GB. Earlier, it was just 8 GB, now the device might have the RAM of 16 GB. The storage given to the users in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be one TB.

All these features and specifications are subject to change as it is not an official announcement by the company. Wait for the official announcement to get some clarity on the topic.

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