Moto X Pure is ready for US now

By | September 3, 2015

Moto X is a Smartphone range that has always attracted a large number of customers with its good looks as well as amazing features. Until now, it has come up with two ranges, where the first one was a thoughtful experiment that proved to be lovely and was liked by the people. After its success, the manufacturers came up with the second range that was much more powerful than the first one with extra powerful silicon and stylish design. Now, Motorola has taken a leap and launched a newer range, known as Moto X Pure Edition. It is a phone that is good enough keeping in mind both the price range and the features. The latest update is that the phone will come unlocked and is ready for the US market. The price set for the phone is very competitive and extremely affordable for such a good phone. The people would be able to buy the phone for only $399. We can easily put this phone in the list of the best smartphones in this price range.

Why Moto X Pure?

Although you may get other phones that would have an edge over the Moto X pure in terms of performance but still it is good enough to be known as the best cost effective Smartphone of the year. Motorola has brought so many improvements in the range that would be liked by most of the people. There is an improvement in terms of design, style, expandable memory, camera, etc. It supports the latest Android version and Motorola has added some of the beneficial software add-ons.

moto x pure

Advantages of Moto X Pure Edition

  • Camera has been improved to a large extent
  • There is a major change in the expandable memory of the phone that would never fail to impress the users
  • The customizable and the sleek design of the phone are great to look at.
  • Motorola has installed some of the thoughtful Moto software tricks for the users that would prove to be beneficial for them.
  • It would work on every single US carrier, thus giving the people the freedom of choice in this matter.

Disadvantages of Moto X Pure Edition:

  • The phone comes with an average battery life. You might have to keep it fully charged in order to carry on with the usage of your phone for the whole daylong.
  • The phone is undoubtedly fast but when we try to compare it against some of the other phones in the similar price range, the speed of the phone might disappoint us.
  • Although Motorola has worked on its camera to a great extent, still the performance of the camera is not that good when we try to click the pictures in low light. Motorola still needs to work on this factor.

We can say it is a good phone in such a price range. You can invest on this product without giving it much though and you would not be disappointed with your decision.

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