Next is Huawei Nexus, check out some rumored features of next nexus

By | September 21, 2015

When Google came out with the Nexus 6 last year, the only fact that was not like amongst the people was that it was of massive size that was quite inconvenient to handle. Now it has made the required changes and is completely back to basics with the phones that are compacted in size and would prove to be more convenient to the users. Now, the complete attention is completely towards the Huawei Nexus that is not officially announced or released but it is gaining popularity just on the basis of the rumors attached to it regarding the features that it might have.

huawei nexus

Key Features:

The next Nexus will have some of the amazing features such s the fingerprint scanner, dual front speakers and USB Type C. Fingerprint scanner would work with the help of the sensor that would be attached at the back of the phone. One of the features is the USB Type C. it would be fixed in the phone at the place of the MicroUSB standard.

Display and Performance:

The screen of the phone would be 5.7 inches along with the Quad HD resolution. The pixel density of the phone would be 1440 x 2560 pixels. It would be an unlocked Cell phones with attracting 515 ppi. When we talk about performance, you will not be disappointed to know the fact that the phone would use QUALCOMM Snapdragon 810 system that would provide unbeatable performance to the users. The fact that is worth noting is that the chipset that would be used in the phone will be an altered one by the company that would have been made available only after making the required minor changes. It would have a three GB RAM that would ensure a great overall performance.

Operating System:

The unlocked phone would function on the upcoming Android v.6.0 Marshmallow. It would literally be the debut of the Android version in the phone. The combination of the Android Marshmallow and the fingerprint scanner to use the features such as Android Pay, the wireless payment system in US.


It is expected that the cameras in the nexus would work great even in the low light. The rear camera of the phone will be 13 megapixels, whereas the front camera will be of 8 megapixels. The camera would have the features of dual LED flash, laser auto focus, geo tagging, smile detection, face detection, etc. the feature of the laser focus would improve the quality of your images and give you the best of results.


Google Nexus 5 will be made available to the users after the official launch by Google. The Huawei Nexus will be made available to the users on the Google play store. The unlocked phone can be made available to certain carriers also, although details about it can only be splurged out after the official announcement of the product by Google.

It will be a high-end device and quite costly too. You may get the exact details after 29 September 2015 (official announcement date by Google).

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