Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and price

By | September 24, 2015

Recently, there are rumors going around in the market regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is expected that Samsung would release the phone in the markets in February 2016. The phone will have some of the super cool features that would be loved by almost every person who will be interested in buying the phone. Until now, Samsung has not even given the hint of the phone but rumors are spreading in the market regarding the dates on which its release is expected, the specifications that are expected in the phone and the complete features.

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Anticipated Galaxy S7 Features:

The phone will have so many unique features and specifications that are not available in other handsets. Some of these are as follows:


 It is said that it can be the very first phone that would have a holographic display. Until now, no other phone has this feature. There is no confirmation of the news yet but it is being said that Samsung has already applied for the patents of this amazing feature. However, everything would be clear only after the official announcement of the phone by the company.


You will be surprised to know the fact that Samsung S7 might be enabling you with a device that would have a higher RAM that that of your PC. The phone would have a RAM of 4 GB. Such RAM is not usually available in phones, so if the news is correct, this can prove to be a pleasant surprise for all the people.


The phone would come in two variants; one is with 32/ 64 GB internal memory and the other one with 128 GB internal memory. 128 GB memory is completely a big thing that could change the whole scenario of the mobile market. People would get exorbitant space to store all of their data. However, it can prove to be a mere rumor too as the news is also that the company itself is spreading such rumors to make fools of the competitors.


IF I tell you that, your phone could have a 30 megapixels camera, would you believe me? Well, the news is in the rumors too. It is being said that the phone would have a 30 MP rear camera with a new technology that would be good enough to provide more clarity in the images. The front camera will be of 10 MP that would provide amazing photographs to the users.


It would come with a technology that would make it waterproof and save it from the related hazards. The phone would also be dust proof, which means that it would not be damaged in the dust too.

Galaxy S7 Price:

The phone is expected to be launched in a higher price range. If we go as per the rumors, it would cost around US $999.

However, it is suggested to wait until the official notification or announcement by Samsung. These features and specifications are not official and have been made by just going after the rumors.

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