Samsung Gear S2 Reviews and Features

By | September 2, 2015

In the beginning of August, Samsung released a small teaser of Samsung gear s2 smart watch. Now, it has officially has come out with a lot more other information that you might need. The official announcement, however, disappointed the people, as the date of the release of the watch as well as the price in which it would be available was not announced by Samsung unlocked phones. People felt disappointed owing to the fact that they have been waiting too long for the release date of the watch. However, it is expected that if it has come with so many other details in such a short time after the teaser, the date and the price would also be released soon by Samsung.


A major confusion that the people have is that it is not even clear about the devices it would be most compatible with. According to the reports, it will be compatible with the latest Samsung devices to some degree. In a press conference, Samsung confirmed that the smart watch will be Tizen powered and would be available in two version, i.e., Gear s2 classic ( for the people who like the evergreen and timeless deigns in the watches) and a regular gear s2. You can buy the one as per your wish and preferences.

Features of Samsung gear s2:

  • Gear s2 classic: it would be released in the market with a black finish. A matching leather band would be installed in the watch that would give it a great look. Samsung has made up its mind to create a position in smart watch market, giving competition to products like Apple watch and LG watch urbane.
  • Regular gear s2: it would be available in a dark gray case, having a gray band. It would be available in the combination of silver case and white band too. You can choose the one you like. Samsung has followed the footsteps of Apple and created a medium where packaged option can readily be swapped for distinct styles.
  • Display: the display of the gear s2 will be a 1.2-inch circular display that would have the resolution 360 x 360 pixels and it would be encircled by a rotating bezel. You also get a back button and a home button to control the notifications.
  • Battery life: It has been claimed that the battery life of Samsung gear s2 will be quite satisfactory. Once you have completely charged it, it can go on for 2 or 3 days at a stretch.
  • Apps: the apps that would be available in the phone would be the best in their kind and would help the people keep a track of all the emails, texts, fitness, news, calendars, etc.
  • Look of the watch: the watch is extremely beautiful to see. It has a great finish in attractive black, gray and silver that you would not feel disappointed after wearing it on your wrist.

To know more about the smart watch, we will have to wait for the next press conference by Samsung.

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