Samsung R1, R3 and R5 wireless audio 360 speakers announced

By | August 28, 2015

Samsung is a company that has been advanced enough to launch a number of interesting and new products. It never fails to satisfy its customers whenever the electronic gadgets or items are concerned. Samsung holds a proficiency in the area of speakers. It has a number of distinct speakers in possession. Recently, it went a step forward and launched some of the amazing wireless speakers that are 360 degree in function. The new models that are launched are being known by the name of R1, R3 and R5. They are the modified versions of the R6 and R7 speakers.

samsung wireless 360 speakers

The speakers are now launched are said to possess the following qualities:

  • High quality Sound: the earlier models faced some problem with the quality of the sound that they released. These models are crafted by using the newer versions of technology and are proven to provide the customers a high quality clear sound.
  • Balanced Sound: These speakers will provide the listeners a better and balanced sound. Some of the changes have been made in the speakers that would provide the better listening experience to the users. Completely balanced sound will be emitted by the speakers in the 360-degree area. The users will not have to face any disturbance form any side of the speakers.
  • Better Design: it has a newer tabletop design that is both attractive as well as convenient. You can store it anywhere and it will look good in almost any corner of your home.
  • Improved Interface: Samsung has come with a newer interface that is very easy to use. You can now control these speakers easily without any problem. The user interface in earlier models was not very user friendly. So now, it has been made keeping in mind the users.

How it functions?

The Multiroom app developed by Samsung is the one that is responsible for the functioning of the Speakers. The app has been updated for the speakers. It supports the speakers on both the iOS and Android versions. Samsung has finally taken the step everybody was looking forward to. It has now collaborated with Qobuz and will now provide the high quality streaming service to all the users for R1, R3 and R5 speakers. You may read the complete information about it on a number of tech related websites that would keep their information update with all the material about the speakers which they would get to know.

Price Range

All the three speakers are priced differently. Samsung will put in display the speakers in Berlin very soon. The speakers would be launched in US and is priced as per the features it contains. It is expected that R1 would be available for around $200, R3 for around $300 and R5 for $400 approximately. You may check out the features and the complete information on the tech websites. In addition, for more accurate details, you may visit the official website of Samsung.

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