Samsung Unlocked Smartphones Are Much Better Than Contracted Samsung Phones

By | March 10, 2016

Smartphones have been one of the more important inventions of the last decade. It has simplified and eased our lifestyles to a great extent. It assists us in various tasks, and helps us at crucial moments. These tasks may include setting up appointments, browse internet, listen to music, watch videos, create or view documents etc.

These phones have been evolving greatly ever since their introduction. They have become an integral part of our lives, and going through a day without them has become increasingly difficult. These are various type of smartphones, which can be found in the market today. Several companies are indulged in the competition of introducing the best smartphone to the user. These companies add on various different features to their devices each year, and provide improvements to make their products even better and more desirable. Most of the companies utilize the standard Android operating system, with a few exceptions like Apple’s devices and windows phones. Majority of these companies also provide their own user interface on top of the basic Android OS to avail additional features to their customers.

Only a few companies out of several companies are able to maintain a good standard of smartphones and a good customer base. These companies are known for acknowledging the needs of the users, and providing good, flexible features while maintaining a standard cost. Some of these top companies are Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is a renowned gadget seller, who have been making excellent smartphones since a long time. They are known throughout the world for providing great features to their customers through their devices. Till date, they have introduced hundreds of smartphones, with each of them made in order to assist the user.

The company has made several different devices, and still continue to make new devices for each of their series. Their flagship model go by the S series, and the company has introduced up to 6 mainstream models into the series, with different variants of each of these devices. All of these mainstream flagship devices boast the highest-end specifications, with new features being released with each of them. The company is known for their creativity while making these devices, and they have improved each of their model.

The company will be introducing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked this year, which will succeed the highly successful Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and the expectations are not less. People expect various improvements in all departments, and wish to purchase the device as soon as it is released. Especially tech enthusiasts, who wish to grab these devices as early as possible to test them in various aspects.

Choosing a Smartphone

Due to the success of these devices, and the flexibility and features they offer, several people desire these smartphones. Though, before buying a Samsung smartphone, there are various aspects, which must be kept in mind. These things may include your requirements, usage, price range etc. However, the biggest thing which may affect your device is its network. There are two types of phones, and each of these access network through different means.

Phones are classified into two different states, depending on how they utilize the network-catching SIMs. Depending on these, phones are either locked or unlocked. Both of these are explained below:

  • Locked Phones

These phones can generally be found in stores, and come with a contract. This contract binds the customer or user into paying a monthly or yearly subscription plan, while restricting the user to use only a specific company’s network. This means that the user has to pay a premium for utilizing the network, and once the contract expires, they have to renew it, else they will lose their network access.

  • Unlocked Phones

Samsung Unlocked Cell Phones are less popular in some countries and work differently from locked phones. Unlocked cell phones do not come with a contract, does not require an extra premium to be paid for network access, and is not restricted to only one network. Unlocked cellphone gains network access by inserting a specific company’s SIM into the device.

Advantages of Unlocked Cellphones

There are various advantage and benefits of buying an unlocked cellphone, due to its nature of not getting restricted to only one network. People who travel a lot to different countries are greatly benefitted by the use of unlocked cellphones, as they can get a SIM of another network company easily. Putting in SIMs into unlocked devices is an easy process, and can be done manually by anyone, without needing the user to go to a store. Moreover, if one wishes to gift a cellphone to their friends, colleagues or family member, they can opt for unlocked cellphone, as it provides the flexibility for the receiver to choose their own network SIM.

If you desire to buy a Samsung phone, it is best that you buy an unlocked cellphone, due to the benefits mentioned above. By purchasing an unlocked cellphone, you will grant yourself freedom of choosing your desired cellular network, without being bounded to a single network.

PurchasingAn Unlocked Samsung Smartphone

Some people may find it difficult to get unlocked variants of various Samsung smartphones. In this case, they can go onto the internet to buy one. Various e-commerce websites have set up their presence, and they sell unlocked cellphones to their clients and customers. If you are having trouble finding your desired device, these online websites are the best place to search. is one of the more reputed online portals, which is indulged in the selling of unlocked cellphones and its accessories. The company provides a great customer support, and makes sure that their  customers receive the best Samsung unlocked cellphones. Moreover, they consist of a huge catalogue of smartphones from all top companies, including Samsung.

Under the Samsung category, you will be able to find all Samsung devices, including both old and newer models. All of these phones can be availed instantly through a click, and with easy payment methods, one will have no problem in purchasing a mobile device.

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