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Samsung Unlocked Smartphones Are Much Better Than Contracted Samsung Phones

Smartphones have been one of the more important inventions of the last decade. It has simplified and eased our lifestyles to a great extent. It assists us in various tasks, and helps us at crucial moments. These tasks may include setting up appointments, browse internet, listen to music, watch videos, create or view documents etc.… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlocked Features And Review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to release 2016 in Q1. It will serve as the successor to previously released Samsung Galaxy S6, originally released in 2015 and offered premium experience and specifications to the people. Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to bring in greater specifications and the force touch technology. Design & Display The… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and price

Recently, there are rumors going around in the market regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7. It is expected that Samsung would release the phone in the markets in February 2016. The phone will have some of the super cool features that would be loved by almost every person who will be interested in buying the phone.… Read More »