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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Features And Review

Samsung is one of the best name in cell phone industry, Samsung launches high-end to mid-range Android smartphone regularly. Recently Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 Active its newer version of its previous high-end Android phone Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S7 was the flagship phone of Samsung and it proves it quality, so we accept much better… Read More »

Why Apple iphone SE Launch Event is a Flop Show

Globally people were talking that Apple iPhone SE event was a flop show but some current research and development about this story has twisted the whole story. Actually the universal strategy of this company is not clearly understood by people and they have considered it flop? You need to understand the whole concept before reaching… Read More »

Samsung Unlocked Smartphones Are Much Better Than Contracted Samsung Phones

Smartphones have been one of the more important inventions of the last decade. It has simplified and eased our lifestyles to a great extent. It assists us in various tasks, and helps us at crucial moments. These tasks may include setting up appointments, browse internet, listen to music, watch videos, create or view documents etc.… Read More »

Lenovo K4 Note Price, Features And Review

The Lenovo K4 Note was released in 2016 in the month of January. The device was released as a budget device, and did not compromise in terms of specifications. The mobile phone boasts of mid-high end features, and was made to compete with other budget phones in the same segment. The device is only available… Read More »

LG Ray Price, Features And Review

The LG Raywill become available shortly in January 2016. It served as a mid segment device, and is called as the “best in class features” by the company.The device will be able available in Titan Black, Silver and Gold Color variants. Design & Display The LG Ray boasts of a metal body, with curved edges.… Read More »

HTC One A9 Is The Best Alternative For iPhone 6s

When talking of mobile phone one needs to understand that competition is going tough in the mobile industry. Every now and then, one or the other company keeps introducing different models with the best features. Today,we will discuss as to how HTC One A9 is better than iPhone 6s Design There is not much difference… Read More »

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Features And Review

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL is a phone that works on GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology that supports both GPRS and EDGE. It was recently announced in the month of October 2015. Nokia will release the phone soon in November 2015. The phone comes in GSM technology, which means that you will have to put in a… Read More »

HTC One E9s Dual SIM Features Review

HTC One E9s is an unlocked mobile phone by HTC that was announced and released in the month of October 2015. The phone functions on a GSM/ HSPA/ LTE technology and also supports GPRS and EDGE. Since it is an unlocked phone, so you get the complete autonomy to choose the network operator you like.… Read More »

Why you should never Unlock a Locked Phone

When we start talking about the locked and the unlocked phones, there arises a doubt in every person’s mind regarding the benefit or the use of unlocking a locked cellphone. If you ask us the reason why you should never engage into unlocking a locked cellphone, there is just one answer to this. There is… Read More »