Virtual Reality games and apps on mobiles and laptops: NVIDIA

By | August 16, 2016

The world has loved virtual reality since its launch date; the world is enjoying the amazing features of this technology and the products related to it.The Best examples are virtual reality games; virtual reality goggles based on 3d virtual reality are the hot products of this VR technology around the world.

Virtual Reality games and apps on mobiles and laptops
From aspiring from the latest boom in the VR technology, the biggest chip manufacturer of the world NVIDIA has announced the launch of NEW GTX-10 series chips which will deliver VR interface to the laptops and mobile devices.
New GTX-10 Series chips are powerful than ever, which will make the virtual reality devices thinner.The new line of graphics card will support virtual reality games and application on laptops.
The launch of the chip means that soon traditional desktop PCs won’t be the only hardware capable of running virtual-reality (VR) applications. Nvidia on Monday introduced low-powered mobile versions of its previously released VR-ready graphics cards for desktops, the GeForce GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060.

Virtual Reality games and apps on mobiles and laptops

The unveiling means that soon old-style desktop and PCs won’t be the only hardware proficient of successively virtual reality (VR) applications. Nvidia has announced low-power consuming mobile forms of its earlier released VR ready graphics cards for old desktops.

Virtual Reality games and apps on mobiles and laptops
The biggest chip manufacturer is auspicious about GTX-10 Series chips, it has the 16nm Pascal architecture, which will be providing a significant performance improvements over older mobile GPUs and remove the alteration among gaming on the desktop, laptops and notebooks.

Conferring to Nvidia, the new series of graphic chips for laptops are made to deliver up to 70% improved performance than its previous Maxwell architecture chips. Nvidia is eager about the performance boost and lower costs of Virtual Reality ready notebooks.
The corporation is making 4K gaming laptops by means of the GPUs to be as thin as 16mm and weigh as little as 4lb.Laptops with the new range of graphics chips are accessible from Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Clevo, EVGA, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Origin, Razer, Sager, and XMG.

Virtual Reality games and apps on mobiles and laptops
The immense opening in the creativity field will be services, as the 3d virtual reality technology is putative in areas such as logistics and manufacturing, with further growth predicted in AR revenues as it develops more extensively used in healthcare transport and product design.
So with the new advanced chip the 3d virtual reality technology will get a boost.With the new a graphic chips the the interface of all the virtual reality games will be improved,which will indirectly raise the demand of 3d virtual reality goggle,3d virtual reality headsets in short the new VR technology will increase the sales of virtual reality devices.

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