What happened when Blackberry launched An Android Phone

By | July 16, 2015

Blackberry is heading towards the gigantic ship of Android OS to save itself from drowning. Speculations are in the air that the company is collaborating with the mighty tech-giant Google to rev up the sales figure, by launching their smartphones installed with Android, backed by the raw power of Blackberry’s hardware.

The rumours

Insiders and trusted sources claim that Blackberry is working on two Android powered smartphones behind the curtains. The speculated smartphones running Android OS are rumoured to have Blackberry’s security measure integrated with Samsung’s KNOX security, if so, the devices will make to the top of list when being counted for the safest smartphone yet.

There is not light shed upon the devices in works by any member of Blackberry. When being asked about the same to CEO, he replied “we will build an Android Phone only if we can make it secure’.

blackberry launched android

Blackberry secures the domain Androidsecured.com

Blackberry recently bought two domains from Google, one of them being androidsecured.com. The domain is currently not functioning as of now, redirecting the users to Blackberry’s website. The landing page teases a tie-up, being Google’s and Blackberry’s symbol joined with a + mark in between, stating the merging of two for a business deal or joint purpose. Beneath the image is mentioned “Bring Android to Work” text, which clearly means that Blackberry is building smartphones with Android OS, as most of people carry a Blackberry to their workspace.

If the domain name is put into context with the statement of Blackberry’s CEO, it can be deemed that there is definitely something cooking up behind the curtains. Sooner than expected, Blackberry can be seen sailing of the Android OS ship.

The Blackberry and Google tie-up

While many claiming the name being reserved for Blackberry’s Android powered smartphones, many have been murmuring that Google is tying up with Blackberry to raise the bar of security for its operating system i.e. Android. Keeping in mind the security measures by Blackberry used on their devices, this could be true.

Just like the previous one, this can is not backed by any proof or confirmation by employees of the companies.

New phone pops up

Evan Blass, a trusted device informer recently tweeted an image of Blackberry Passport running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Evan names it as the Blackberry Venice, and claims it to be a slider phone with touchscreen for off-slider navigation.

As per the speculations, the Blackberry Venice will sport a Full-HD 5.4 Inch display, a 5MP selfie shooter, 18MP rear snapper, 3 Gigabytes of RAM. Spinning all these will be a Hexa-Core Processor.

The image also reveals a curved display, similar to that of Galaxy S6 Edge, if true, will surely attract many buyers. The phone is said to be “remarkably thin”. On the top will be a near-stock Android Lollipop build, with some bloatware and theming on the top by Blackberry. The phone will house a front firing-single speaker, a USB port and a headphone jack, wrapped alongside the width of the phone.

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