Which one is better iPhone Unlocked vs. Contracted?

By | July 14, 2015

Getting a phone is seems easy until you have to decide between an unlocked model and contracted model. While there come, additional benefits attached with each one, decision has to be made in accordance with your lifestyle, say on the go ones shall opt for unlocked for the former one and others for the latter.

If find yourself in a similar situation and want some guidance on the same topic, the rest of article will help you regarding the same.

What does ‘Unlocked’ means?

One can easily swap out SIM cards and insert a new one without any restriction from carrier when in unlocked state. The quality of signals or working depends upon the frequency bands of the phone and carrier, being same will ensure 100% compatibility with the carrier network.

An unlocked phone will generally cost more than a ‘contracted’ one; however, the ownership shall be entitled against your name. You will be able to what you want, without being restricted by carrier’s regulations.

unlocked iphone

What does ‘Contracted’ means?

The word ‘contracted’ implies that the phone you will be using will be entitled against your name for a limited period, say 2 years. Companies often lend this in addition with cellular services, and being cheap can be afforded by most of the citizens.

On the flipside, you will not be able to swap SIM Cards to enjoy the services of other cellular provider. This means, for example, you will not be able to use T-Mobile for mobile data and change to AT&T for calling.

Which one is better?

What ultimately matters is your usage pattern. If you tend to carry your mobile over different regions and buy a local sim for saving on cost, the unlocked iPhone will serve you better. The contracted one will limit your ability.

Considering the long end, unlocked will be better suited for everyone. Prices change, and your preferences will change. Therefore, you will be able to change to a different operator without paying for a contracted phone. You will have to pay for the phone once, and rest of life, pay for cellular service, which is it. Why should one spend on phones every couple of years? The idea practically seems to be foolish.

Complete ownership also means you will be able to do whatever you want, Jailbreak, install Cydia or even destroy the phone, without worrying for the accidental damage and other charges to your carrier.

As the new generation of iPhones are unveiled, Apple keeps on increasing the band support to expand to every major carrier around the world, providing you universal usability without lurking you bills with international roaming charges and all.

Why to be locked down when you can enjoy all the benefits of a carrier, without being backed to do anything onto your mobile phone, which you practically own for the plan period. If you raise up the question of unlocking an iPhone, do not, many companies tend to charge a fee to provide you an unlocking code and some of iPhone are not even unlock able.

Activation Issues
If you get a “Could not activate” message on your phone, this could be for a couple of reasons. One is that there is no SIM card in the phone.
If you are trying to use the iPhone without service, as if it were an iPod touch, it still needs a SIM card in it at the initial point of activation. The
SIM does not have to be active, but you do need one in the phone. It can be removed once the phone is set up.  If the phone is locked to a carrier, a SIM card from that carrier needs to be used.

Another reason is if a user tried to bypass a carrier lock and unlock it by hacking. Such modifications are illegal (provided the phone’s contract is still in effect) and unreliable, and this message is the result of that attempt.

Note that this is different from “Activation Lock,” a feature of Find my iPhone in iOS 7 and later that prevents a phone from being set up without entering the Apple ID and password used to set up Find my iPhone on the phone.
It could also be possible that Apple’s activation servers are simply down, and you should try again later.

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