Why Apple iphone SE Launch Event is a Flop Show

By | April 11, 2016

Globally people were talking that Apple iPhone SE event was a flop show but some current research and development about this story has twisted the whole story. Actually the universal strategy of this company is not clearly understood by people and they have considered it flop? You need to understand the whole concept before reaching to any conclusion. If the concept is not clearly known to the mass, it will appear as a flop and in fact earlier the world has accepted it as a flop show only!

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What had changed the whole outlook of Apple iPhone SE event?

Recently through one of the published data via SimilarWeb on 30th March had revealed that after the Apple iPhone SE launch which took place on 21st of March the desktop traffic of this website had reduced at an alarming rate. This experience was completely different to the previous launches. The above mentioned analytical firm had announced that by 83% only the graph had shown hike while compare to the regular days. During the previous launches under the flagship of Apple the website had arrested huge traffics but this time the figures were quite shocking!

Is it really a bust! No!

SimilarWeb has done a mistake of comparing Apple iPhone SE launch with the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+that took place in 2014 September! This comparison was actually incorrect as the latter phones were actually a phone under this flagship and iPhone SE is a planned step to cover the untouched lower budget market. The highly populated country China and India surely possess the maximum number of users but their low purchasing power restricts them to but such expensive phone and this step was a successful attempt by them to cover this enlarged market. It is highly expected that it will touch the horizon of success in these markets.

New research by SimilarWeb

Their latest discovery had revealed the single day traffic after the announcement of two gadgets under their flagship- iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ from India and the graph was really surprising. In India the traffic due to these phones reached 195%.  The two new gadgets had touched the unbelievable height of success. After announcement of this event the Indian traffic increase in this website was 160%. This could be called as a clear sign that the demands of the gadgets under this flagship are in huge demand in both the populated cities- China and India. Apple just wanted to exploit this demand and their step mentioned above is towards accomplishment of this goal only.


Though after so much of research and announcement SimilarWeb also concluded the traffic is surely high in both the country but not as much as the world had witnessed in 2014-15 while the other new phones were launched under the flagship of Apple. It is also known that no other country is as smart in designing Smartphone as China and seeing such positive response of this country for Apple gadgets is no doubt a good sign.

Whether it is a hit or flop show, one will be able to conclude after a time span only. Till then one can wait for more surprises by Apple as always!

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